#49. Turkish jobs

We've all had awful jobs, many of us still work in them, it's all part of being a working bellend. Adam, Jamie, and Ryan join me to discuss some of th...View Details

#48. Is Trump screwed?

Trump is in the news again, this time for a conversation he had with the leader of Ukraine about an investigation into Joe Biden's son, or something, ...View Details

Justin Trudeau is in the middle of a blackface scandal. Kids are moaning about climate change. Louis CK is back and people are angry. Can we separate ...View Details

Pete joins me on my recent trip to London to discuss the important things.

#45. Tarantino sucks

I just wasted three hours of my life watching 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood', Tarantino's latest "movie", and honestly I've had enough. Coop joins me...View Details

My good friends Adam, Ryan, and Jamie join me for pre drinks before we head into Birkenhead to see a Muse tribute band. We discuss a range of topics i...View Details

#43. Comedy Virgins Final

I got through to the finals of the Comedy Virgins 'I'm not going to Edinburgh' competition which took place at the Cavendish Arms in Stockwell, London...View Details

Saul Godman is a singer/guitarist/songwriter from Liverpool who I first met on the Liverpool music scene back in the mid 2000s when he was the frontma...View Details

A few months ago I had one of the worst gigs of my comedy career so far, this week I returned to The Cavendish Arms to try and redeem myself. Pete joi...View Details

#40. Beat the Frog

I performed at The Frog and Bucket comedy club this past Monday in their weekly amateur competition 'Beat the Frog'. Kaveh joins me to discuss the eve...View Details

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