I sit down with Coop from The Spoken Metal Show, YouTube creator Roman Kremianski, and business monster Shaun Bauer to discuss the Joe Rogan Experienc...View Details

Don't expect serious conversation in this one as it's Movie Night again! This weeks movie is Coming To America, but the title of this podcast better r...View Details

A trip to Cambodia turns into the biggest drug binge imaginable. Alex Hamilton tells me about his crazy backpacking trip round South East Asia, the pe...View Details

Every month I get together with my friends Adam, Jamie, and Ryan to watch a classic movie, we record a podcast beforehand. This months movie is Teenag...View Details

Louis CK emailed me last week (yeah, me personally) to tell me about his new comedy special. I bought it for $7.99 off louisck.com and really enjoyed ...View Details

My mum shares her experience with Coronavirus. What began with a cough, led to two weeks in bed with severe symptoms which led to her being admitted t...View Details

My household has been on lockdown for 2 weeks, we've all got it, and my mum is really ill. I have a chat with Shaun and Roman about it, and we talk ab...View Details

If you dip your balls in soy sauce, can you taste it? How many nights in a row can you tell the restaurant staff that it's your friends birthday? Do W...View Details

Toilet roll and hand sanitizer are in short supply due to panic buying and hoarding during the coronavirus lockdown. Some people have started selling ...View Details

Shaun and Roman join me to discuss Roman's recent completion of the improv program at Second City Toronto. What is improv? How does it compare to acti...View Details

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